Paint Correction Packages

What is Paint Correction?

What it does not fix: Deep or heavy scratches that have gone past the clear coat of the paint. It will not fix rock chips for the same reason

So why do you need a paint correction? A paint correction will get rid of swirls and lights defects. In turn this will enhance the clarity and really bring the color back to life. Depending on the level of the correction you choose you can expect anywhere from 25% – 90% of the defects corrected

Is Paint Correction only for older cars? No, even brand new cars can benefit from a correction. Most cars are shipped by truck or train and are delivered with scratches and marring. From a brand new Ferrari to a used Honda Civic you can always go in and enhance the visual of the paint.

Options After Paint Correction:

Wax: Will last a 1-4 months. Waxes can be stripped off with a strong wash solution. Helps protect against elements and enhances looks.

Coating: Will last 18-24 months. Very durable and cannot be washed off as it has bonded to the paints surface. Helps protect against elements and enhances looks. This also has “self cleaning characteristics” as they are “hydrophobic” which means they will repel water and make it harder for debris to stick to the surface and ultimately become easier to maintain a clear vehicle.

A&R Auto Services - Paint Correction Services


All In one – 0% Correction

This is the perfect package for someone looking for great value and great protection. What you can expect to see with this is our premium hand wash and dry with a carnauba based wax applied which will enhance your vehicle’s color and offer some protection for several months.


One Step – 75% Correction

This is more in depth than our “Good” package. You can expect to see up to 75%+ of your imperfections corrected. This package includes a sealant which can last up to 6+ months!


Multi Step – 90% Correction

Our “best” package gets your car to or in some cases even better than showroom condition. We use both a compound and a polish to remove 90%+ imperfections in your paint. Just as important as the correction, this package also includes a 2 year ceramic coating that will add a hydrophobic layer to your paint which creates a deep gloss to your vehicle creating an amazing look!



Sedan: $400
SUV/Truck: $425
3 Row: $450
Minivan: $475


Sedan: $750
SUV: $775
3 Row: $800
Minivan: $825

Exterior only, all vehicles $150

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